Mutton Seena + Neck

Mutton Seena + Neck


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Mutton Seena + Neck

With our Mutton Seena + Neck  , you get the subtle game essence of fresh Mutton and a velvety bite that melts in your mouth when cooked. Choose our lean, tender, easy-to-cook cuts to get more protein and nutrients. We bring you the choicest bite-sized pieces of premium goat meat on the bone from the ribs, leg and shoulder. It is extremely well suited for a variety of dishes like luscious Khurmas, soulful stews, aromatic curries, juicy and tender pan-fried and pan-roasted kebabs.

Premium quality goat meat, cut into fine pieces come with bones ready for your versatile mutton delicacies.A great source of iron and vitamins, the red meat is fat-trimmed and the best of it is plucked out from shoulders, loins and neck of green pasture grazed goats . Cherish the authentic flavor of mutton when it is delivered to you in its tender and succulent form. Tossing in the cleaned mutton would make delicious kebabs, gravies, tikkas and what not.

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Additional Information


Goat, Sheep

Mutton cut types

Biryani Cut – 50-60 gms/Piece, Curry Cut – 30 gms/Piece, Medium Cut – 40-45 gms/Piece


500G, 1 KG

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